NFL Week 14 Reviews

Philadelphia beats Dallas. The Eagles picked up a tough road win against a hated division rival. Michael Vic started the game with his usual long-range laser bombshell at speedy, lean receiver DeSean Jackson, getting the Cowboys there. The Eagles finished the game running down the clock behind an often critical offensive line when the defense was looking for the run. In the middle, the Eagles overcame a below-average performance set by their own standards, Michael Vic, who turned the ball over twice more and was sacked and hit often. Some of the hits were more than a little late and Vic isn’t getting the kind of calls that other elite NFL quarterbacks get, but he held up through the game, which is a testament to his mental and physical toughness. His short hook pass to Jackson was the biggest play of the game, as Jackson slid 91 yards for the go-ahead touchdown. Jackson then made an airheaded play by falling backwards in the end zone and receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but also landed hard and nearly knocked himself out. For someone who has already had two concussions, he may want to not take unnecessary blows. Eagle’s defense allowed yards and points, but didn’t allow the big play. They also came up with key interceptions when they needed them. Asante Samuel is sorely missed not only because of his catching ability, but because he gives the entire defense the confidence to play better. Samuel allows defensive coordinator Sean McDermott to call more blitzes, which in turn energizes the entire defense. The Eagles offense is definitely Super Bowl caliber because they can take anyone. It shows how powerful they are when they “hold” at 30 points. But they’ll only advance in the playoffs as far as the defense can take them. A healthy Samuel helps.

The Cowboys keep finding ways to lose close games, especially at home. It’s just the little things that turn them around. For example, Roy Williams slipped slightly off half-time on a lateral pass that resulted in an interception, which in turn allowed the Eagles to extend their lead to 10 points in the fourth quarter. Michael Jenkins, who had a terrible year again, lit up in the key game. With the score tied, Jackson catches a quick throw that is designed to gain less than 10 yards, but Jenkins misses not only knocking down the pass, but the tackle as well, and Jackson runs into the end zone. Overall, the Cowboys have been much better since Jason Garrett took over, Jon Kitna has played well again and has shown that he deserves to start in the league. Interceptions were not his fault, a pass deflection and a slip in loss. The Cowboys defense played well hitting and controlling Vic and the powerful Eagles offense to 30 points. However, the offense missed out on the great playability of injured receiver Dez Bryant. It’s still impressive to see them at 4-9 with the talent they have. That’s what happens when they take a six-week mental vacation in the middle of the season and can’t win at home. Beating Detroit at home doesn’t count.

Indianapolis over Tennessee. Oh, the nightmare is over. The Colts win and Peyton Manning turned to Peyton Manning and threw touchdowns to his team and not his opponent. The Colts have contacted the FBI to find out who the impersonator was. It’s hard to believe the Titans were 5-2, but they crashed and burned faster than Maverick did in “Top Gun.”

Mother Nature over the Metrodome. That was an amazing display of power as snow blasted through the Metrodome’s baggy ceiling. Sorry to say this Minnesota Vikings fans, but can you say Los Angeles Vikings?

Buffalo over Cleveland. The Bills and Browns are mirror images of each other. The only difference here is that the Bills have Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Browns have Mr. Jake Delhomme.

Jacksonville over Oakland. The Jaguars won after trailing for most of the game. Thank God they have Maurice Drew-Jones. The Raiders like to taunt their fans by showing flashes of greatness and then fading away at the end.

Detroit over Green Bay. Drew (Dougie) Stanton leads the Lions to their only touchdown. But Lion Defense deserves credit for holding the Packers to 3 points. It didn’t hurt that they played Mike Flynn (who is he?) who hasn’t started since high school.

Tampa Bay borders Washington. This makes for an ugly win for the Buccaneers who needed to win this game badly. The Redskins lost a game because their kicker had the yips. Oh, for the good old days of Shawn Suisham.

Atlanta destroying Carolina. Is it me or does it seem like the Falcons beat the Panthers every other week? Maybe that’s why they have the best record in the NFC.

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati. The Steelers always win when their defense outplays their offense. Bengals are so terrible that even their pet doesn’t go out in public anymore.

San Francisco over Seattle. Just when I think the 49ers are done, they get to play a Seattle team that can’t win outside of the fresh air of Puget Sound.

San Diego excluding Kansas City. The Chargers rebounded from last week’s loss by defeating the Chiefs. The Chiefs were going to lose this game as soon as Matt Casell said, “I think I’m going to need an appendectomy!”

New Orleans over St. Louis. The Saints know how to beat an inferior opponent. But safety Roman Harper going off-limits quarterback will have his teammates hound him for the rest of his life. The Rams still have a chance to become the only team to win a division with a losing record.

Arizona over Denver. Jay Feely had a game most kickers dare to dream of. Not a good sign when he should also be the starting quarterback. I guess it wasn’t Josh McDaniels fault the Broncos are so bad. Alright.

New England tearing Chicago apart. The Patriots are rolling so well that neither bad weather nor bad weather can stop them or even slow them down. The biggest surprise to me is that Bill Belichick didn’t go for his trademark “hoodie” and went for the “mom” look instead. The Bears earned the “Bear in the Headlight Glance” as soon as they saw Tom Brady walk on air during pregame introductions.

Miami over the New York Jets. The Dolphins won a game despite gaining only 137 yards. The Jets were still hungover from last weekend’s loss to the Patriots. Rex should have gone old school for the cure and bought them White Castle burgers instead of burying the ball.

New York Giants over Los Angeles. The Giants won with their two-hit thunder-lightning running game. Lost in the shuffle is Eli Manning throwing two more interceptions that lead the league. The Vikings Tavarus Jackson showed why the Vikings and begged Brett Farve to back off. Now his house has a giant hole in the roof.

Baltimore over Houston. The Texans made an excellent comeback in the fourth quarter, but was there anyone who didn’t think they were going to falter at the end? The Ravens’ defense looked old and tired in the fourth quarter. Somehow they missed their half time nap.

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