Can I Book a Yacht Rental for Overnight Trips boat charter in Spain?

Overnight Trips boat charter in Spain

The thought of sleeping aboard a boat may seem like something out of a Robert Louis Stevenson novel but, believe it or not, it’s a real option when you charter a yacht. Many of the boat rentals listed on Boatsetter offer overnight trips—just message the captain/boat owner to see if they can accommodate you. An overnight boat rental requires a bit more planning and supplies than a day charter but, with the right preparation, it can be a truly amazing experience.

The winds of the Mediterranean are what make a yacht charter a perfect vacation. They create a gentle breeze to help you sail along and also give you the opportunity to explore some of the most gorgeous coastal scenery in the world. Whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing cruise in Palma or take in the vibrant nightlife in Barcelona, Spain has plenty of options for your next yacht charter!

You’ll find a great variety of sailing boat charter in Spain available to rent in the Spanish Med on bareboat or skippered charter. For the budget-minded there are monohull sailing yachts that can be chartered by the day for as little as EUR100 or so a person. Catamarans are more expensive but they offer more comfort and entertaining space. Motorboats cost more and you can expect to pay up to EUR2,000 a week for a cruising yacht with cabin accommodations.

There is something magical about being out at sea at night. There is no light pollution to take away from the majesty of the stars, and the silence of the water lapping against the hull can be hypnotic. If you’re lucky enough to have a clear sky, the view of the Milky Way is simply unrivaled.

Can I Book a Yacht Rental for Overnight Trips boat charter in Spain?

Spending a night “on the hook” on a private boat is one of the most unique vacation experiences you can have. It’s a chance to get some rest and relaxation, enjoy the sunset with your loved ones, and wake up to arguably the best view in all of travel: the sunrise over the water!

New York is a spectacular city to see from the water and you’ll be able to do so in style when you book a private boat tour. Marvel at the Manhattan skyline and see Lady Liberty as you never have before on a New York City boat tour.

The magnificent coastline of Spain makes it a great destination for your next charter a boat. Its idyllic port towns and beautiful beaches combine with a relaxed lifestyle for the ultimate boating holiday. Be sure to check out our blog about the top things to do in Spain before you depart on your bareboat charter!

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