What Is the Role of a Maui Fire Lawyer?

Role of a Maui Fire Lawyer

A Maui fire lawyer is a legal professional that works to help victims of wildfires get the financial compensation they deserve. This can include anything from property damage, lost income, wrongful death claims and other losses related to the 2023 Maui wildfires. Unfortunately, many of these losses are not covered by insurance companies and victims may be eligible for a substantial amount of money to cover the costs.

Those who have been impacted by the wildfires in West Maui and Lahaina should contact a local attorney immediately. It is critical that these attorneys are familiar with Hawaii’s laws, local values and government systems in order to best serve fire victims. Many of the firms taking on Maui fire cases are from outside of the state and lack the necessary experience in Hawaii to handle these complex Maui fire lawyers.

The Maui fires were a tragedy that was foreseeable and preventable. The National Weather Service warned that wind gusts from Hurricane Dora would be strong enough to down trees, blow debris and cause fires in high-risk areas. It was also known that the Maui Electric Company’s power lines were outdated and did not meet national standards. These aging wooden power poles were susceptible to rot and could easily fall over under the influence of heavy winds. The bare wires that remain energized when these power lines come in contact with ground vegetation are likely to spark a fire.

What Is the Role of a Maui Fire Lawyer?

These conditions fueled the flames that burned through the town of Lahaina and destroyed dozens of homes. The blaze killed 115 people and ravaged the island’s historic community.

sue Hawaiian Electric

According to experts, the fires were sparked by the aging electrical grid and were exacerbated by the dry climate of the area. The blazes were so devastating that many residents and business owners are considering filing a lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric.

A successful lawsuit will depend on several factors, including whether the investor-owned utility company is considered a government agency in the eyes of the law. If this is the case, then it is easier to show that the company was negligent and liable for the losses experienced by property owners.

It is also possible to claim damages for losses that the fires did not directly cause. If the blazes were a result of other factors, such as drought or a human-caused disaster, it will be more difficult to make a case for compensation.

Eurotas-Steffy hired a firm, Watts Guerra LLP, which opened an office in Santa Rosa, California, but is originally based in Texas, to file a lawsuit on her mother’s behalf. She was hesitant to hire a firm, but she knew that it was her best shot at getting compensation for her losses.

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