Trip to St Lucia

If you are planning a vacation to Saint Lucia, chances are you will be traveling to Saint Lucia very soon. Which means you probably want to know what is the best way to get here, when is the best time of year to visit, and probably what are some of the best things to see and do once you arrive.

Although not as easy to find as some of our northern neighbors, and often a bit more expensive to visit, you will discover unspoiled beauty that is well worth the extra effort and money. In fact, getting here isn’t so bad after all with flights from New York and Philadelphia, Toronto, Heathrow, and Manchester, just to name a few. And to put things in perspective, you can fly here from Miami in less than 4 hours … which is enough time to relax with a glass of wine, sit back, relax, watch a movie, have an hour of zzzzssss, then wake up refreshed. , empowered and ready to walk barefoot in paradise!

When you travel to Saint Lucia, you will be rewarded with an island of incomparable beauty and a people so friendly that it will seem unreal. Most flights arrive during the day and your best views approaching the island are from the left side of the plane. You approach from the north passing Pigeon Island with its 2 small mounds nestled in the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea, linked to the mainland by a small strip of beach that is home to places like Sandals Resorts and a St Lucia National Trust Museum.

Then, as you head south towards the island’s main airport, you will be greeted by our Majestic Pitons, twin peaks of volcanic plugs, peeking straight out of the ocean as if waiting for your gentle caress … Hello there, welcome to Santa Lucia … us I wonder what took you so long!

As you prepare to land, you can’t help but be amazed at the breathtaking beauty of this small island. We are incredibly lush and green with rugged mountains rising skyward, divided by wide valleys between them.

After landing, you will enjoy some really picturesque views if you have entered the southern tip of the island, as most of our resorts are in the north. The daily trip north is about an hour by taxi and 20 minutes by plane using the St. Lucia helicopter shuttle service. This helicopter ride is worth it as you not only cut your trip down by a third, but you also get a spectacular aerial view of St. Lucia that is simply unlike any other. In fact, when you fly over the rainforest you’ll swear it’s the most beautiful green carpet you’ve ever seen … well, that’s exactly how I felt the first time I took that trip, and I’m overwhelmed by this very feeling. every time I fly to our southern airport aboard the helicopter.

So there you have it … Travel to Saint Lucia: what could be the start of your next vacation.

See you soon as I look forward to welcoming you to my heavenly home …

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