No AKC Recognition Doesn’t Bother White German Shepherd

The dog there looks like a German shepherd, it has pointed ears and the expression of a German shepherd, it is the same size as one, but the dog is completely white, with a pink nose. What kind of dog is that? Believe it or not, they are called White German Shepherds (and often White American or Swiss Berger Blanc). They are everything the other German Shepherds are, except that they are not recognized by most of the kennel clubs in the world.

There is a strange color bias in the world of dog breeding. Despite having purebred parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, a White German Shepherd or White Boxer is not considered a breed standard. On the other hand, this is the same world that docks many dogs’ tails to a prescribed length or shortens naturally drooping ears for purely cosmetic reasons. Perhaps White German Shepherds and White Boxers are the luckiest breeds of all.

White dogs are not albinos, although they do have white fur and often have pink noses. His eyes are dark instead of pink or red like true albinos. Most dog breeds have white varieties, and the white shepherd is thought to be just a reflection of the normal diversity of dog genes. The American White Shepherd Association is the parent organization for the breed, although the American Kennel Club does not sanction them.

Many representatives of this striking type claim that they are easier to care for than other colored shepherds. German Shepherds, regardless of their color, often come in a few varieties of coat length and thickness. The official breed standard states that the coat should have two layers to protect them from the elements. Many White German Shepherds lack this double layered coat. Since most pets today live indoors, not having such thick fur has proven to be a blessing.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the uniqueness of a White German Shepherd, and many thousands are abandoned each year. Although there are many good dog rescues, there are some groups dedicated specifically to the rescue of white German shepherds. They will often take the time to get to know, train, and medically assist the dogs in their care before considering putting them up for adoption.

If you’re looking for a dog that’s predictably warm-hearted, doesn’t mind dog hair, and has room in your heart, home, and wallet, the White German Shepherd is for you. Don’t buy one from a pet store as they source all their puppies from inhumane puppy mills. You can get a puppy from a breeder, but there are not as many breeders for this breed as there are for other types of German Shepherd. Go to and adopt a wonderful companion from one of the many dog ​​rescue groups in this country.

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