Forget Netflix: watch these late night movies on the big screen

In this day and age, it can be quite easy to rely on progress in technology to get what you want when you want it, all without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, even something as cool and exciting as a date night movie has fallen victim to this inherently lazy way of living life.

A date night, along with a date night movie, is made for you to really do more than just sit at home and broadcast something you can watch. It also gave you a chance to hang out with someone special, eat something, take a walk on the beach, anything really. Instead, we “veg” at home and use the game console controllers to navigate the menus of our subscription-based programming. While you may claim that living doesn’t get much sweeter, the truth is that it does, and you’re missing out on a lot.

So, take a second and reminisce about your latest late night movie adventures. Have they really spent themselves in the world or did they both decide to stay home and hang out? If it’s the latter, these movies might be what you need to take you to your local theater for your next date night:

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Anyone who has seen the Star Wars movies knows that the softest character of all was Han Solo. He was charming, sexy, cool, and had his own spaceship. No matter which way you look at him, he was who we all wanted to be (without disrespecting Luke, of course). In this new movie, we get to learn more about how Han became the hipster we’ve come to love, and also how he got to know the people he knew.

Entering – This is intense. If ever there was a relationship that you didn’t get into, it’s that of a mother and her children. Here, our heroine mother will stop at nothing as she tries to save her children as they are held back by a group of nefarious figures. This is an action movie because it is full of action sequences.

Incredibles 2 – It’s been almost fifteen years since the first movie was released, so fans have been anticipating this one for a long time. This film addresses the changing dynamics of the modern American home, as well as societal views of those who are different. There is even a cleverly woven interaction about people changing as parents. There is a lot to it and it appeals to all ages.

Make your next late night movie special by ditching the stream and paint the city red! Even if the movie wasn’t to your liking, make it part of the fun. Have a cup of coffee afterward and discuss it. Who knows? You may learn a little more about yourself than you thought. The important thing to keep in mind is to make your next date night more than just a date – make it special.

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