What Personality Type Is Best For Network Marketing Success?

Success in network marketing comes down to two things; the first is being able to market effectively and the second is becoming the leader people want. This article is about the latter. The truth is that anyone can do this business, but everyone should not and should not. Now he may be shaking his head. Didn’t you just say that anyone can do this business? Yes, I do. I also know that I can do a swan dive from the Brooklyn Bridge, that doesn’t mean I have to.

This business can be tough and you have to be tough. Not in a mean way but tough. There are basically three personality types: beta, pre-alpha, and alpha. Let me give you a brief explanation of each one.

Betas: Usually has low self-esteem, seeks approval, has poor posture, rarely makes or maintains eye contact. They basically have very little value to offer, so they seek to be close to those who do.

Pre-Alphas: They begin to push themselves out of their comfort zone. His confidence and self-esteem have increased dramatically. They begin to exhibit leadership qualities, but may still feel uncomfortable taking on leadership responsibilities. However, they have vision that is sorely lacking in Beta.

Alphas – These are the boys and girls everyone else wants to be. It seems that all they have to do is wave their wand and the universe is theirs. They are followed and chased by others.

What type of personality do you fall into today? Here’s the good thing, your answer doesn’t determine your ultimate success. You could have answered that you are indeed a Beta. I am telling you that if you decided to push yourself to become an Alpha, you can very well do so and become the person who attracts others.

In the network marketing business, success ultimately rests with the person who understands that they must leave emotions out of the game. You can’t get excited when it comes to people saying no. You can’t get excited about the people who said they would appear in your presentation, but they don’t. You can’t get excited for the people who got off to a great start and then joined the witness protection program.

The type of person who understands that emotions should be put out of business strongly believes in himself. That’s the Alpha. Now you may be thinking “how can I acquire those skills?” Well, the answer is simple. You have to do what most people will not do. For whatever reason, most people will not be willing to put in the effort to become the leader they seek. Find the Alphas in your life and start doing everything they do, period, no excuses. They are easy to see. They win all company sponsored trips. You are never alone unless you choose to be. They have great teams but most importantly, they are respected because they give value.

How do you give it value? You have to give more than expected; under promise and deliver more. Give value to your articles, videos or however you want to convey your message and then do a little more. Give and remember this acronym GIVE: gain influence very easily. When you give, you will receive much more, you will become unforgettable.

In conclusion, anyone can be successful in network marketing if they have the right tools and are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the necessary work, even if it means undergoing a personality makeover.

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