Warning about laminate flooring on stairs

Laminate is an excellent floor covering solution, not only for private homes but also for commercial and office buildings. With the variety of laminate grade ratings available that can serve even the most foot traffic, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular choice these days. However, some problems can arise when there are steps and stairs connecting to the laminate flooring. It is often desirable to maintain design continuity by plasticizing stairs so that they blend well with the floor and surroundings without creating sudden spaces that are visible to the naked eye.

Be careful though, laminate steps and especially larger stairs can be very dangerous. Laminate finishes are often quite slippery, especially those with lower ratings that are intended for more private use with less stress from foot traffic. It is essential to take into account who is going to walk on it and avoid that members of the house or possible guests run the risk of falling. Older people or young children are usually the most exposed to this danger.

Of course, one solution is to put a runner covering in the form of a rug or a rug over the steps, although the reason for laminating the stairs might have been to get rid of the use of fabric in the first place! But the thing is, most suppliers and manufacturers would never advise you to laminate your stairs and leave them bare. The risk is simply not worth it and only someone who doesn’t care would let people take such risks.

That said, there are a few ways to avoid slip and fall problems. One is to use a more abrasive (higher grade) laminate that has the same or similar finish as the floors leading up to the stairs. Another is to install extras in the threading and riser of stairs that would hold feet in place, but that leads to another potential hazard: tripping!

If you still go ahead with laminate flooring on your stairs in your home, keep in mind that most suppliers offer special stair planks that fit most standard treads and are specially made to combat scratches. problems presented in the best possible way. possible.

If you help install the laminate yourself, always glue down the decking and never use nails, as the risk of having an unstable piece (which happens sooner or later) is not worth it. Another thing to keep in mind is that laminating stairs is always a specifically individual task. Requirements and factors differ from home to home, so while it’s okay to follow some general tips and measures, be sure to carefully observe and plan for your specific case.

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