Upgrades: get the most out of your property

If you are buying and planning to resell or rent, to get the most out of your property, you may want to make some improvements to give it some curb appeal. The number of updates required would depend on a case-by-case scenario. Obviously, if it is necessary to do the roof, the foundation, etc., there is no question. I’m talking about major renovations, but updates. That curb appeal and that makes a shopper go, “wow” and pay a little more for the place.

If you are not going to be working with a designer and would like to do it yourself, I suggest you go to the library or buy a bunch of up-to-date home style magazines to get ideas of what’s out there right now. Knowing your market is not that important because almost everyone wants something elegant and stylish. Something that I like to call “urban chic”; lots of clean lines, minimalism, and bright open spaces. A Zen-like approach. That look is being sold to the mass market right now.

First impressions are always important, which is why the exterior of the house needs more love. Don’t get bored either. Sew exciting colors like gray / mauve, terra cotta, or sage. Paint everything you need, wood, railing, mailbox, lights, etc. I am not talking about a single color, they have some white or black in their contrast. If they can’t be painted, replace them.

If there is no landscaping or it is filmed, you need to renew the look. Remove or trim anything that has grown too large. Be ruthless if you have to. Cedars are great when they are green and small, however if they are yellow and too tall, get rid of them. Keep your gaze short, so you can see the entrance. Remove weeds from the grass, add more seeds. Clean dirt from debris and weeds, add more dark soil and mulch. Make a nice clean line between the lawn and the garden. I would invest in a couple of contrasting shrubs and some bright annuals that brighten the front.

The floors are the most important. They have a great impact. They have to be nice. If there is hard wood, I suggest giving it a new finish. Staining them dark is always a nice touch. The parquet looks great stained in chocolate. It goes from a bad 70s look to something modern and Asian. If flooring needs to be replaced, bamboo and other sustainable flooring are all the rage right now. If the linoleum is old, replace it. If you can buy tile, go for it.

Kitchen room. If the kitchen is old wood in the style of the 50s, there is no need to tear it up, remake it and spend all that extra money. Paint it bright cream and add fancy buttons. You could even add a molding.

If it is white melamine, you can paint it with special paint or leave it as is. Sometimes it’s the surrounding area that can polish it up and make it look less “melaminy.” That is, add a trendy tile backsplash, a new countertop, and knobs. If the melamine has an 80’s edge that can be removed, remove it for a cleaner look.

If you have the 1990 oak cabinets, they look amazing painted too. If the cabinets hang from the ceiling dividing the eating area, you can remove them and reuse them elsewhere, such as an island.

Extra keys:

  • The taps are important. They can be a focal point for the room. You don’t have to go high-end to have a polished modern look.
  • I think investing in crown molding adds a lot of value to the place if done right (not necessary in the bathroom). Paint it with glitter to give it a vintage look.
  • Keep paint colors simple and light. Painting a wall in a room dark gray or another trendy color is fine, however use it minimally.
  • Dark on light is very fashionable right now.
  • Make sure the flow of color from room to room is there.
  • Clean and clean windows are a must.
  • Take down a wall if necessary to give the space a more open feel. For example opening the kitchen to the living room. You should check with a structural engineer before taking anything down.
  • Pot lights and dimmers.
  • Fashionable light fixtures and knobs. Don’t go high end. Places like Ikea are fine or places that reclaim the old.

Bathrooms are easy because it all depends on the choice of tile and countertop. The white bathtub, sink, and toilet are always inside, and if they are in good condition, they won’t need to be replaced. Cabinets can be painted black, chocolate, white, or cream. Will update any look.

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