Troy Burroghs in New York [Troy Burroghs: Surrealist-Traveler]

Burroughs boxing fan

He was on a trip back to New York, short for New York City; I love it in New York; especially Central Park; the museum is great too and of course the Empire State Building. Wow, what museum, the Metropolitan, that’s my pick. Then I like to walk down the street, and there is the big sign: The Tonight Show, which I have never been to, but in its location in all my travels; But one time my wife and I went downstairs to see if we could get in, on August 14, 2001. They were on a kind of break. We put Rufered in the “Hello Deli”; had one of their famous sandwiches. He often helps Mr. Dave Letterman with some jokes he makes during his shows; I have a photo with him. I like them both more. This would be my fourth trip to the great Atlantic city. I like Paris even more, I hate to say it. But New York is a good runner-up.

Time Tunnel

I can never tell when it’s going to happen, but it’s getting normal, suddenly it was there. He was in a hallway in New York City, looking at some pictures on the wall and waiting. My brother was with me. A man named Ed got out; I guess I knew him from somewhere. I couldn’t quite place him, but I did introduce him to my brother. My brother is something of a photographer, an independent contractor, I would say. He travels all over the country, and many of the photographs he took of me, he sold many to textbooks and magazines. He has his own photo vaults somewhere in Arizona; maybe it’s New Mexico, haw …! Somewhere in the west. He has made some trips abroad, but not much, or should I say, like me. I’m not sure if it needs to be said. But my mind is racing. I like being in New York City.

I noticed that while I was introducing my brother to Ed, the former world boxing champion, Fraaaaz … that’s all I could read. I think it was Frazer, but I can’t be sure. He had an office in the same building, upstairs on the second or third floor. I should go see him, I told myself, maybe it’s Frazer. He had seen all their fights. I have all of his fights recorded, that is, most of his fights recorded. He is an aggressive boxer. And he has a heart. It never stops. I don’t think he’s gotten the acclaim he deserves: like Ali, with a big mouth. I like it too, and it was cool, but that mouth. I guess that’s what people buy. Like cigarettes, pack them well and it will sell.

I also remember most of his fights, that is, Ali. But then there are about six boxers that I really like. Sullivan [I have a signature of his]; Jack dempsey [I got a letter by him], [Ali, I have a signed glove of his]; and Frazer, I have something of his, but I can say it right now. They were the best of the best. Oh, I forgot one, Marc … (someone), champion never beaten; I have a … something signed by him too. But no one could take a punch like Frazer, come back like him and fight. He was like the Spartan from Greece. A warrior among warriors; Ali, bless him, was a great fighter, with a heart, and he used a lot of psychology in his fights, but … I’m getting too into this boxing mode; back to New York.

As he was saying, his name was on this list he was reading on the side of the wall, he just couldn’t say for sure. I just couldn’t make out the last letters, Fraaaaaa … r. He worked for Ed anyway. What photograph would that be? I collect autographs, something. I would have liked to take it for a walk if I had been to my hometown and shown it to my friends and the neighborhood. In any case, my brother was talking to Ed, and I had to leave him pretty alone: ​​let them talk. So I said it, and it must have gone over Ed’s head, because he was discussing business with my brother.

Well in the blink of an eye I found myself in upstate New York [that time warp again], for the great state of Massachusetts. He had visited a town out there, many years ago, in that area. I was not far from that beautiful town, it was called Stockbridge. But that was not my destination on this trip. I was in this little gangland town, not much to say about it in particular. Actually, everyone was busy selling everything and shutting it down. I didn’t see my brother around, but I think this was where we were supposed to be, for him to take pictures; For me, I’m still not sure why I am (was) here. For my brother, this could be a great opportunity to capture future posterity. You know, they show them pictures fifty years from now, like it used to be. You know the closure of a great small city. But I didn’t see anything good around here.

In any case, he was alone. My brother, when you have a camera in your hands, you can assume that you will see it fifteen minutes before leaving that city. But he does his thing and I do mine. He is two years older than me. I’m not sure if that makes any difference, he did it when he was 5 or 12 years old. Maybe at 15, he made a difference. Actually, I was wondering why I didn’t go up to see if the former world champion was who I thought he was. His office was not that far away. Get that picture. But now I remember that I didn’t have a camera. Get that autograph.

As I searched the city all day, it seemed like I wasn’t getting anywhere, and the skies were starting to darken, you know, at dusk. I mean, a little dark. I ended up in this big warehouse. I got up on a wood, high, high on piles of wood; He had just found a movie camera, an old one, different. It looked more like a VCR rewinder, but said it had a movie camera. I never take them with me on my travels, it takes a long time to play, and when you take the movie, you have lost the emotion of the moment. I was whale watching on Maui once and took several pictures of whales ten meters from me. After the experience, I asked the guy next to me how the whale was doing, since he had the movie camera. He said wait a minute, I’ll have to play it again. He said that he really couldn’t see much when taking the photo.

Like I was saying, about to say anyway, here, here I am on top of this huge pile of wood looking around. A few old ladies were doing some calculations in the front area off to the side when I walked in, I noticed. I think they counted the money they made selling things. Now that he was deeply rooted in the warehouse, he could no longer see or hear them. In fact, I think they left. I started to move and stumbled. All my money came out of my pockets. I was hesitant to pick something up, but then started picking it up anyway. I felt like I was in a danger zone and heard vices. The criminal type, and that’s how I said to myself: this change of money that I dropped is not going to make me go bankrupt, let it go. My life could be in trouble. So I did it. As I came down the steps, Ed walked, looking for me. I think he mentioned my name. I thought about getting that picture of the Boxer now, not sure why, the timing didn’t call for it, that’s for sure. Now I had a movie camera (I took it).

When I got to the bottom of the pile of wood, I found my way out of the warehouse. While trying to find my means of transportation back home, I was trying to hide my new camera. Someone asked then, if he had seen one. I thought in my head, wait a minute, you left it there, I found it. But he really didn’t need it. When the person was not looking, I put it in a wooden box and got on the train. I was hoping to meet my brother there and Ed.

When I got home, I looked around my apartment. He already had a 3 x 5 card signed by World Champion Joe Frazer. I had bought it a few years ago. But I guess I wanted to get one, or go one step beyond the buying a firm stage, and meet the champion. In other words, wanting to meet him was a wish, not a need. It is a fun thing in life, opportunities, choices and decisions. As Mr. Robert Frost once said in his poem: “The Road Less Traveled”, move or stay stale; he didn’t say that, it’s just what I got; or come out of it; one lap could make a world of difference, or a lifetime of difference. I agree with that. If I hadn’t bought a property a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to go to New York City, therefore I couldn’t write this story, get that camera, take that train, or even buy that firm; and so on.

Another thing that comes to mind is: when you open a door for someone, you also open a door for yourself. I’m not sure which door I opened in this story: my brother and Ed never knew me. They must have gone their own way. And what did I learn on this trip (?) And then, it was a door that was not opened and a path that was not taken. But I couldn’t find the door. And to be honest, it turned out fine, and I really don’t want to know what would have happened if I had picked up the change; Either he found that door, or he didn’t make it to the train; Or I shoved my way into Champs’s office; I called my brother to introduce Ed. One thing leads to another. I had a good trip, that’s enough. I’ve learned in my many travels, you do the good times and the bad times, not etiquette. If you have one of them, you better travel alone. If people are in good company, forget what I said.

I once met a woman in a small town in Iceland; We were in a group on a boat looking for whales. Said she was a little lonely. So I took her to a cafe in town and ate whale meat. For whale lovers, it is legal there. And the whale tastes good, good, good. In any case, we became friends. When he got home to Florida, he continued to write to me. And then he went to England with a girlfriend. She answered me and said: now I know the difference between traveling alone vs. having to have someone with you (someone who annoys you and therefore irritates you). She explained that she couldn’t go anywhere without complaining. Thinking it was his job to entertain her. Now she travels alone. I did it during 25 of the 34 years of travel, I traveled alone, that is, and brother, I do not regret it for a minute.

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