Siding options for the home

Coating is the process of covering one material with another. There are many options for cladding the exterior or interior walls of your home to create a new look. Siding can also help protect your home from the elements.


There are several common siding options for the exterior of your home. Brick is a more expensive option, but it has the advantage of low maintenance and remarkable durability. The bricks are available in a variety of sizes and colors and are appropriate for both modern and traditional home styles. Brick on wood exteriors are a great upgrade to any home.

Stone is another durable cladding option for your exterior walls, although it is one of the more expensive options. Stone is more difficult to modify to fit the exterior of a home and usually requires expert installation. Alternatively, it can be used as an accent wall option, rather than cladding the entire exterior of the home.

If the cost is too great, both options offer a siding alternative. Veneered brick or stone is less expensive and has the same appearance as brick or real stone. The downside is that they are much less durable.

Stucco is a very popular cladding option. The finish is what gives the stucco various appearances. Textured stucco gives you the ability to select the final appearance of the siding. You can change the sizes of the materials in your stucco mix or manipulate the texture during application. Stucco also provides water resistance and is a weatherization tool.

Vinyl and aluminum siding require annual maintenance, but do not need to be painted. An annual wash is the greatest effort required. However, vinyl siding can fade and crack over time. Aluminum fades, but does not crack.

All of these options provide will heat your home. With these additions to the exterior, holes, cracks and parts of the wall without proper insulation are effectively sealed.


Cladding the interior of your home will instantly change the appearance of your home. Classic siding options include paint, wallpaper, or paneling.

Wallpaper and panels are not currently popular selections. Paint is a more popular choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

An accent stone wall surrounding a fireplace is very popular in the living room. It complements the cozy feeling of the fireplace inside the home. A one-wall accent is also very profitable.

Kitchens and bathrooms will have a fresh look with new tile, slate or stone accents. The new color and texture give your home a fresh new look and a touch of originality. You can revitalize the kitchen with a backsplash or update the bathroom with a slate shower.

Siding should generally be done by a professional. For proper installation and solid construction, professionals have the training and knowledge to be efficient and effective. Internal siding is usually just a basic installation and can be done by most homeowners. Many DIYers can put a blackboard in the bathroom or put up a backsplash on a weekend.

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