No fun trail running in the winter!

I love to run off road or “trail run” as it is called today. Trail running competitions are usually held from the beginning of Easter or the end of autumn. At the end of the season, fans like me must continue even if it’s snowing. I hate and love this season, but mostly it’s okay with me, because it almost feels like a law of nature that there should be a bit of roughness and rain when I’m standing at the start line of a trail running trip or race. , otherwise. It’s not a true off-road race anyway.

But now, right now it’s winter again and it’s snowy and cold outside. Why should I run then? Hmm, you wonder, where is he going now? I want to be inspired to go running! Sorry, running in snow is INSANE. Why? I’ll explain.

First of all, when there’s so much snow that you have to put on your spikes (Spiky is probably the best on the market) or your spiked Icebug shoes, here’s my point: I think you should wear a pair of crossover shoes. -Country ski and hit the ski slope.

Second, even if you have thumbtacks, you will most likely slip and insult yourself anyway. If you don’t know how to ski and you “have” to run, you’d better do what you should on a treadmill…

Third, it’s not during the 10 winter sessions that you drop five minutes off your marathon time. Take advantage of the winter to train other muscles in addition to the pure ones of the mountain race.

Last but not least, I think if you don’t want to go cross-country skiing when the snow is white and powdery, you should opt to do something a little more creative than a normal winter run. Buy yourself a pair of snowshoes and run with them through the snow. Go ahead and do something different from your usual training program in order to develop yourself (I seriously believe this will develop your career more than the 10 winter races you manage to do).

Whether you’re going to go out and run or not, I think you should consider the following gear things:

1 Go for a run in winter if the weather is nice and the sun is shining, because then it is truly beautiful. It sparkles when you move and the air is cold, clear and wonderfully rich in oxygen. It is also very nice to go for a run on Christmas morning, before the other member of the family wakes up.

2. Wear the proper gear to be safe. During the winter, I run in my cross-country ski clothing that adapts to winter winds and has better protection on the belly and thighs than regular running clothing. I also usually wear underpants with a coat and always a front one just in case.

3. It gets dark quickly this time of year, so get in the habit of wearing a reflective vest when you go for a run in winter.

4. Remember that if it’s really cold outside, you can easily tear your lungs apart and it can be really dangerous. Use a lung pulse to help warm the air.

5. If you’re in pain, use Tiger Balm, which helps warm up your muscles before heading out into the bitter cold of the winter landscape.

6. Play Christmas music on your headphones, it can only be done now before – but without throwing up 🙂

Running in the winter has its charms and obviously I think it’s kind of cool to run on winter trails. And as they say… “pain is temporary, glory is forever”.

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