Mountainous areas: enjoyment and experience

Mountainous areas have their own enjoyment and experience. Have you ever visited the top of the mountain? Everything seems clear but small. The view of the area and the valley covered by the mountain looks so beautiful. Start your day by dropping anything from the top of the mountain that starts your way down the steep mountain.

You like all of this.Most people like this, but it is not suitable for some of them. But the green flesh of the trees and grass will make your eyes and body feel like heaven. If you like visiting the slopes, wear the right clothes because they are important for the adventures or order the right one for you.

What are the conditions of the slopes during the season? Extremely cold winds blow with a speed of 72 km / h and the temperature level drops below the level of 0 degrees Celsius. It would be dangerous to absorb it if you don’t wear the right clothing.

What do most people do to save them from the cold? Today, underwear is the best option, but in the past people used long wool kits to protect themselves from the cold.

What are the advantages if we opt for thermal fleece? The thermal fleece not only keeps you warm, but also during sweaty times you will not have to soak your clothes.

During your visit, you must keep your feet warm to stay safe. There are two ways to do it, one of them is traditional and known as a wool ski sock and the second is a boot warmer.

What is the function of the ski wool boot warmer and sock? They both have their own ways of keeping the body warm. The carbon activated boot warmer not only keeps your feet warm, it also couples with a warm wool sock through it.

You can enjoy the ride if you use the ski to keep your feet warm.

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