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A lot of references to HireWriters.com (HW), a new content brokerage site, have popped up on my computer screen lately, so here we are taking a look at it. On the surface, HW appears to be a viable platform for writing content, but it’s new, so we want to take a closer look at it before we approve or disapprove it.

My initial research led me to the HW home page, where the site advertises that a 300-word article can be purchased for as little as $1.50. This made me a little skeptical about how a writer living in one of the most expensive economies in the world could make HW worth writing about.

While searching the site, I discovered that writers can improve their credentials and earn higher fees for their efforts after submitting a relatively low number of qualifying articles. According to information provided on the HW site: At the highest level, a writer can earn up to $10.66 for the same 300-word article.

New writers start at the beginner level and after providing three quality articles they can move on to the next experience level (General). Additional introductions should move the writer forward to greater opportunities within the HW community.

beginner – This is where everyone starts.

General – At least 3 jobs completed, with an average rating of 4.0 stars and at least on time 65% of the time.

Expert – At least 7 jobs completed, with an average rating of 4.1 stars and at least on time 75% of the time.

Expert – At least 12 jobs completed, with an average rating of 4.6 stars and at least on time 85% of the time.

You will need a PayPal account

Signing up is pretty easy, but you’ll need to have a PayPal account to get paid. According to the site, the payment is made to you every Friday, if you meet the minimum earnings threshold of $10.00.

After registering, I went directly to the profile page and filled out the information on the bio page, including excerpts from some of my previous articles. I’m not sure how necessary the writing portfolio information was, as I found three small projects that simply needed to be accepted to get the jobs.

I put together those first three projects (about 250 words each) in a couple of hours and sent them off. Three days (actually two and a half) after my items were shipped, I still hadn’t heard back from the item buyer as to whether or not my items had been accepted.

I found it very annoying to have to wait so long, so on the morning of the third day I sent a query to the HW help desk asking if item buyers had to respond within a specific time frame. The answer was; 72 hours If after 72 hours the buyer of the item does not respond, the item is automatically approved and paid.

A few hours later, all of my items were approved and I was awarded $1.18 per shipment. I made my first $3.84 on HW. More importantly and the reason I chose to complete three articles ASAP was that three approved submissions take me from beginner status to the next level which is “General” and allows me to write in a higher paying category.

Check the statistics of article buyers before agreeing to write an article.

Regardless of where you choose to sell your writing talents, it’s important to remember that your online credentials and personality are extremely important when it comes to being chosen for a specific content writing job over another writer.

In HW’s case, your credentials are encapsulated in a ranking algorithm that is a combined measure of how well you meet deadlines and the quality of your work. The buyer of an item can accept or reject the work you submit. If they accept your work, they will associate a 0-5 star rating with each accepted article. If your work is rejected, it is displayed as a number as a percentage of the accepted work, on the dashboard.

Fortunately, HW also provides a buyer approval rating, for example, Approved Items: 66, Rejected: 263, Approval Rating: 20% – If a buyer has bought a lot of items and has a low approval rating, you may want to avoid it. Especially at the beginning, when you try to create your credentials. It’s a good idea to only accept content writing jobs from buyers with an approval rating above 90% until you’ve submitted ten to twenty articles yourself.

As soon as I received my new qualification I wanted to look for better opportunities and this is where I realized a shortcoming with HW. Of the fifty to two hundred writing opportunities generally available, only a small percentage seem to offer writers anything above the entry-level pay level. It is up to the article buyer to determine what level of writer they will accept.

HW shows over 12,000 registered writers as I write this post and with only one or two hundred assignments available at any one time, you’d think the competition would be fierce, but it’s not. I guess the lack of competition is because even though the best writers are qualified to write at higher levels, article buyers are predominantly only willing to pay entry-level salaries (mostly).

HW looks good on paper, but in reality it seems to fall short of the higher paying opportunities it promises to bring to more experienced writers. We’ll give it some time to see how this new site matures, but as long as buyers of its items are only willing to pay lower rates, I think its future will be tame at best. Still, it’s an interesting revenue model and if HW can figure out how to increase revenue exponentially, they may even end up with a real earner.

Regardless of writing opportunities, it seems that if you’re in the market to buy articles for your blogs or online magazines, this may be the place to get some fair quality writing at bargain prices.

Perhaps you are a writer who is behind on your own writing assignments and needs to get something done fast, this may be a perfect opportunity to get started with outsourcing your assignments. If you can buy an item here at HW for $2.00 and sell it somewhere else for $4.00, $10.00 or more, that’s a huge ROI.


My conclusion is that HW is a reputable website that offers beginning writers the opportunity to start writing articles for cash. Currently, the highest paid opportunities are rare, but they exist. You probably won’t be able to replace an income at HW, but you could probably get enough content writing work to supplement your other income-generating activities.

HW also presents an ideal opportunity for item shoppers looking to purchase quality items at low prices. During my research I signed up as an article buyer member on HW and posted a 500-700 article need asking for a writer at the “Skill” level and offered to pay $8.50, I believe this translates to $5.62 for the author, or about two-thirds of the article writing fee, with the rest going to HW for brokering the deal. I logged out of my buyer member account to view the submission from the writer account side and could not find the request. It took me a moment to realize that the request had already been accepted by a writer.

Since the application was gobbled up so quickly, I’m going to continue to assume there aren’t a ton of higher-paying opportunities at HW right now, but they do exist, and if you want to take one, it’s going to have to be “Johnny on the Spot” to beat the other writers. I will also add that the writer who wrote the article for me did a fantastic job and delivered it on time. I am sure I will use them again.

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