Golden Retriever growling: how to deal with it wisely

Growling is a natural act for wild dogs. It is instinctive for them and helps them survive outdoors. However, unfortunately, pets can also exhibit growling behaviors. What will you do when this happens to your pet? Golden retriever growling can be a serious problem … or nothing to worry about. Read on and find out the reasons for the growling and the steps you can take to avoid or stop it.

Often growling is a sign of fear or assertiveness. When they feel the need to be in control, dogs become assertive. In the same way, feeling threatened and feeling fear makes a dog growl. To help your dog, watch your golden retriever growls and find out the reason behind them. Was there a person near your dog that you might have been afraid of? Was your dog chewing on a bone that you wanted to control? Were you playing when he started growling?

When your dog is constantly growling, especially when young children are around, think carefully and reconsider whether it is safe to keep your dog in your home. When things get out of hand and you can’t solve the problem on your own, consider hiring the services of professional dog trainers or behaviorists. On the other hand, some growls may be normal and your dog may get over them over time.

What can you do to avoid growling? Start while your dog is a puppy. Socialize your puppy with the world around him and let him get used to different situations. Socialization training can help. Since it is always easier to prevent than to get rid of something, exposing your puppy to various situations that can make it growl and correcting it early will be helpful.

If your dog is older, you can still teach him to socialize. However, an important tip is to never isolate your dog when he growls. This will make the dog resentful and more aggressive. Do this instead:

When socializing your aggressive dog, always keep him on a leash and even wear a muzzle if necessary. Once your dog has gotten used to strangers and stops growling, remove the muzzle but keep the leash on. This will take time, but it can be done. Always say “No” when your dog becomes aggressive and never give in to your demands.

Also check with your vet to see if your dog’s growling is caused by health problems. With these tips in mind, know that golden retriever snarls can not only be prevented, but better yet, they can be cured. So don’t lose hope too quickly, just be patient with your dog and give him the right kind of training.

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