Free Home Business – You can start a virtual franchise store without an investment

They say you can’t get anything for free anymore, but something revolutionary is happening in the virtual world of online business. T-Mobile and Sprint have recently partnered with a smaller company called Liberty International to offer people the opportunity to start a free business in the cell phone industry.

The cell phone industry is highly competitive and profitable. Major carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T, along with a host of smaller newcomers like Boost Mobile and Metro PCS, are trying to get a bigger share of the growing wireless phone market. Competition for new customers has forced some of these companies to be more imaginative and creative in their marketing approaches. Now you can get unlimited calling for as little as $ 40 a month from Metro PCS, for example (their service outside of large metro areas, however, is often not available) and a $ 50 rate from Boost Mobile. Prepaid calling cards can be purchased at T-mobile for as little as $ 10.

If you are looking to start an online home business, there are few opportunities that seem to have as much potential as the one mentioned in this article. Everyone has a mobile phone, is looking for a new one, or wants to find a better mobile phone plan. T-Mobile, Sprint, and Liberty International’s free virtual franchise requires no investment, employees, paperwork, accounting, or overhead, and you can even get your free cell phone bill if you refer three people.

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