Explore more of Granada by going beyond the beach

When you check into luxury hotels in Grenada, broaden your horizons by going beyond the beach to enjoy all the attractions the island has to offer.

If you look out the window of any hotel in Grenada, you might think that there is nothing more to this beautiful island than the sprawling sea and sand. But there is more to this Caribbean paradise than meets the eye. Spend a day out on the beach or nights dancing your heart out to the beat of island drums.

nature experience

Leave the beach behind and head from your hotel to Grand Etang National Park. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits! One of the main attractions is Seven Sister Falls. Walk through the rain forest until you hear the sound of the falls and immerse yourself in it. The area is safe and perfect for swimming. Hike to Concord Falls near St. John to experience the thundering 65-foot waterfall and take a refreshing mid-afternoon swim.

To complete the waterfall experience, Royal Mount Carmel Falls are a double set of falls that are the highlight of a guided tour of the forest. This waterfall features a unique gentle pool that you can dip into after a short hike through the forest. During your stay in Granada, hotels should also be able to point you in the right direction no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for.

Gardens by the Bay boasts over 3,000 different species of flora and provides excellent photo opportunities. For a small fee, you can let off steam, photograph your favorite flowers, and enjoy the diversity of the Caribbean. You can also choose to tour the Nutmeg Associate Co-Operative to get a glimpse of the spice that fuels the island’s export economy, plus you can pick up some spices to take home.

Educational Tours

If you are traveling with children or teenagers, Grenada luxury hotels often have different activities to keep them busy, but who wants to be cooped up all day when this beautiful island is calling you to explore? Why not take the family off the beaten track and visit the Grenada Chocolate Company to meet one of the best chocolatiers in the world? Although remote and a long drive from the city, the trip will be worth it (in chocolate). Another interesting attraction worth visiting is the River Antoine Rum Distillery for a day trip. Yes, you can buy a bottle and there are free samples of the rum varieties. Pirate jokes are optional.

There are also museums. Cricket lovers should take time to visit the West Indies Cricket Heritage Center, a lesser-known museum displaying cricket memorabilia, uniforms, hats, equipment and jackets. Explore what life was like by visiting the National Museum and visit the historic port of Carenage for dining, shopping and island crafts.

Take the family to Fort George to see times gone by and get a chance to see some of the most beautiful panoramic bay views on the island. Then take a walk around the bay and dine at the many restaurants in the area.

There is more to this fabulous destination than beautiful beaches. Day trips are available to all attractions at convenient prices. Explore the island and discover its hidden sights, hidden secrets and colorful history.

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