Event planner trends: entertainment options and ideas

Event planner trends? Of course, #eventplanner may not be the main hashtag of the day, but I bet if you’re trying to plan a big event, you’re looking for an awesome event planner.

Event Planner Trends –

These are essential elements for planning your event, and your event planner will need you to have these details already defined before they are incorporated:

  • Specific purpose of the event and what outcome you want in the end.

  • Limitations such as budget, time, travel for destination events.

  • Size, number of people, food options and entertainment options.

These three items are likely non-negotiable. And you will need to be aware of possible changes before hiring your event planner. Start with these details and begin blocking the basic plan before contacting the planner.

Event structuring options –

Who will help you? Do you already have a team on board? Most business events have speakers aligned within the company or specific to their purpose. You will want to share this information with your event planner. Know who is in charge of these items and tell your professional planner who you will be working with at the company.

  • Planning and food decisions.

  • Entertainment decisions.

  • Travel planning and organization.

  • Definitive location, destination for events.

  • Emergency team. Know who to call in an emergency.

Make sure you delegate responsibilities and involve everyone.

Marketing your event –

If your event is larger than the company, you will want a larger marketing team, but here is a list of the basics for marketing and attracting company attendance.

  • Design your marketing plan.

  • Define the benefits of attending your event.

  • Decide on media options (social media is ALWAYS good).

  • Engage company bloggers.

  • Determine which #eventplannertrending hashtags should represent your event.

  • Configure the registration options.

  • Simplify registration and payment with online options.

  • Get YouTube videos of all the speakers. The shards are sold.

  • Splash entertainment on ALL social media.

  • Increase word of mouth marketing by giving them something to talk about. Keywords and phrases matter.

Of course, you’ll be ready to capture an audience on the big day, but your audience should already be excited, delighted to attend, long before the event. If you’ve done your business as a company, your event planner will have access to all the relevant information and your marketers will have created quite a stir.

Providing great entertainment for your adventure is absolutely NECESSARY. Your planner should know who is popular today and should be ready with a large selection of big name artists, bands, and artists ready to meet your needs.

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