Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Anthony: A Book Review

Another exciting self-help book. This time it is from a doctor and he has studied human behavior for many years. Beyond Positive Thinking is packed with powerful ideas. He also talks about the same things as James Arthur Ray in Harmonic Wealth. They both talk about quantum physics.

An important part of the book can be summarized in 3 words; Be happy now.

It begins by saying that we are responsible for our own actions. Our word is Law in the Universe. Most of our beliefs and ideas come from the past and no longer serve us at all. We have to let them go and acquire new beliefs. We must have a vision of ourselves based on the truth.

We all have a subconscious mind and it is this mind that can guide us towards better circumstances and conditions.

Many of us are on a self-destructive mission. We say do not tell me anything that conflicts with my beliefs, I already have them all ingrained in my mind and anything else will only spoil them.

Do you have a goal in mind? Keep it to yourself. Telling others will only weaken your motivation towards him. Telling others will only prompt them to tell you that it won’t work, get out while you can and you’re wasting your time.

Keep talking about being around negative people and how they can rob you of your own creative power.

Too many of us operate on the premise of Seeing is Believing. Such people have great disappointment in their lives. Believe it even before you see it, it is with this knowledge that the universe arrives.

Choose to make positive decisions in your life.

Choose to feel good. Choose to laugh. Choose not to criticize others. Make positive decisions for yourself.

Face your worries, it is only you who empowers them.

This entire book is full of really incredible ways to live life with the Universe and not against it. It has true-to-life examples that illustrate what life was like and what it could be like. This book will make you squirm in your chair, as I am sure there are parts that you will disagree with. Once you put these skills into practice, you will say: You know what? He was right!

Thank you Dr. Robert Anthony.

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