Best laptops with Windows 7 operating system

Windows 7 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and a lot of people have good things about it. Most of the new computers sold today have this operating system. Microsoft Windows 7 is a great improvement over Vista and it also fixed most of the problems with Vista. If you currently have another OS on your pink laptop, you can do a clear installation of Windows 7, but make sure to save all your important files first. If you’re still thinking about buying a laptop, here are the top-rated laptops in the industry running Windows 7 operating systems.

Dell Z Series. This is one of the best Windows 7 business laptops. It’s a bit heavy on the pocket, almost $ 2,000, but it has all the advanced technologies. It comes with inductive charging and even SSDs with multiple configurations. This is also one of the thinnest 16-inch laptops in the world today. This will give Apple laptops a run for their money.

HP TX2. This is one of the best portable tablets of this year. This costs around $ 800 and the screen size is only 2 inches. It has one of the most elegant designs in addition to an LED backlit display. However, many people find it a bit difficult to use. The transition from a laptop to a tablet is quite complicated.

Costco HP dv6t. This is a laptop with the best value. This can be picked up at a local Costco. Everyone knows that Costco is one of the few places with really good return policies. Their prices are also very reasonable. This is included with a printer and is a good deal for students and people who want to own a computer but don’t have a lot of money to pay for one.

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