7 top reasons to buy real estate in a ski town

The words “ski town” evoke a whole collection of positive emotions and memories for many. Maybe it’s a first college ski trip, maybe Mom and Dad will teach you how to ski, or maybe your first time on an excursion to a real alpine lake. Ski towns are unique in many ways, so here are the top 7 reasons to have a part of your favorite ski town.

  1. Nothing brings families together like a ski vacation. The younger generations traditionally learn from the older generations and those lessons are passed on along with the memories. Add in the family-centered end of the year holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the president’s weekend and spring break, and what’s better than families and snow? Most ski town homes and condos are designed around the “great room” with multi-generational accommodations. And many older skiers wish to leave “inherited” properties to the family for even more generations of enjoyment and memories.
  2. Ski towns, or more commonly known as “mountain resort communities” today, are great places to retreat or semi-retire. Recreation throughout the year is abundant. So are special entertainment events and fine dining. And “duality” (having more than one house in different but unique settings) is increasingly popular; mountain and tropical, for example.
  3. Summer !! While winter adrenaline sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, etc. they are the initial attraction of ski towns, many new owners discover the splendor of summer; wonderful climates, even more scenic beauty, even more recreational opportunities, a variety of cultural events, and relaxation. The old adage in mountain resort communities is: “Come winter, stay summer.”
  4. These places typically represent some of the most pristine areas in the country; think of the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, The Tetons, etc. As the world becomes increasingly polluted, many mountain resort communities are protected by levels of government ownership and land use controls, watershed rights, and powerful environmental groups. These layers of protection are often the obstacle for the tourist city due to expansion and degradation. This protection will keep the quality pristine for generations to come.
  5. Large ski resorts are successful business ventures. Gone are the days of the family ski resort. Today they are owned by publicly traded companies or equity funds. The management of modern corporate ski resorts focuses on the maximum customer experience while generating profits, and they perform very well. Add real estate development and property management for higher profits. And they are increasingly aligned with the major hotel companies and their franchises.
  6. Ski town ownership traditionally attracts a wealthier clientele, making the market less susceptible to the vagaries of the economy.
  7. Most ski towns have a full range of affordable prices. It is true that places like Aspen are very expensive. But most ski towns in America have a wide variety of properties and price ranges that make the dream a reality for many.

Ski towns remain a unique experience in America, a throwback to our European ancestors and the old world traditions of adventure, recreation, social interaction, and the appreciation of our family generations. Combined with depressed values, low interest rates, and the need to recreate, now is a great time to buy in your favorite ski town.

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